About Us

Our Commitment

With a focus on safety and environmental responsibility, Portland-Montreal Pipe Line (PMPL) has become well respected in the industry for our commitment to operate with the highest integrity. The safety of our neighbors, facilities and employees is paramount. Protecting and safeguarding the environment is a top priority incorporated into all of our operations, policies and processes. Since it first opened in the autumn of 1941, PMPL has delivered over 5 billion barrels of crude oil to Canada. It is an energy system that through cooperation and careful planning has been able to protect the environment and deliver oil safely for more than a half century.

Our Mission

PMPL is dedicated to dynamically meeting customer and community needs by providing efficient fluid energy transportation services in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Operation

PMPL owns and operates a tanker unloading facility, two tank farms (South Portland, Maine and Montreal, Quebec) and a system of pump stations and crude oil pipelines that traverse 236 miles along a common right-of-way from the state of Maine to Quebec. The pipelines deliver crude oil to customers in Montreal, Quebec. The nation’s oil pipeline system is the safest, cleanest and most economical way to deliver this needed crude to its destination.

The tanker unloading facility consists of a renovated pier in South Portland, Maine. The pier is capable of accommodating and discharging two vessels at a time with each vessel carrying more than a million barrels of crude. The tank farm in South Portland consists of 23 tanks with approximately 3.5 million barrels of storage capacity. Two pipelines (18 inch and 24 inch) and eight pump stations are operated out of the South Portland, Maine operations center, which moves the crude from the South Portland tank farm to Montreal.

PMPL is comprised of two companies: Portland Pipe Line Corporation, a Maine corporation, and Montreal Pipe Line Limited, incorporated in Canada.  Both companies are owned by Suncor Energy, Inc.  The corporate headquarters is in South Portland, Maine. 

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