Contact Us

General Correspondence:

Portland Pipe Line Corporation
30 Hill Street
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: 207-767-0421
Facsimile: 207-767-0442

Montreal Pipe Line Limited
10803, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal East, Quebec H1B-1B3

Phone: 514-645-8797
Facsimile: 514-645-7663

Emergency Number:
If you suspect there is a problem with the pipeline, please call, 24 hours a day to:
toll free at 1-866-253-7351 or collect at 207-767-3231 in the US
toll free at 1-888-977-4589 or collect at 514-645-4589 in Canada

Call Before You Dig:
Prior to digging or operating heavy equipment near our pipeline please call:

  • Maine / New Hampshire / Vermont
    “Dig Safe”: 811
  • Montreal:
    “Info Excavation”: 1-514-286-9228
  • Quebec
    “Info Excavation”: 1-800-663-9228